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Talks & Posters 

The following Talks and Posters will be presented at SciPy 2019. 


The SciPy Organizing Committee greatly appreciates the work and dedication of everyone who submitted a topic for this year's conference. If your submission wasn't able to be slated into the limited number of main conference talk sessions or poster slots, we encourage you to take advantage of the lightning talk and Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions to share your work.

Are you a talk or poster presenter? See this page for information for presenters.


Data Driven Discoveries
Neuroscience & Cognitive Science
Earth, Ocean, Geo and Atmospheric Science
Open Source Communities
Science Communication Through Visualization
Image Processing

Data Driven Discoveries


pyjanitor: Clean APIs for Cleaning Data

Eric Ma

A Geographers Journey into AI: Mapping Urban Trees from Scratch

Stefanie Lumnitz

Mahdi Shooshtari

Verena Griess

Anatomy of Probabilistic Programming Languages

Suriyadeepan Ramamoorthy

Apricot: Submodular Selection for Data Summarization

Jacob Schreiber

Better and Faster Model Selection with Dask

Scott Sievert

Tom Augspurger

Matthew Rocklin

Chainer: A Deep Learning Framework for Fast Research and Applications

Vincent (Hiroyuki) Yamaz

Challenges in Detecting Physiological Changes Using Wearable Sensor Data

Edward Preble

Kristin Gilchrist

Meghan Hegarty-Craver

Data Analysis Tools for the James Webb Space Telescope: a Confluence of Academia, NASA, and Open Source

Erik Tollerud

Fast Gradient Boosting Decision Trees with PyGBM and Numba

Nicolas Hug

Generational Changes in Support for Gun Laws: A Case Study in Computational Statistics

Allen Downey

ML.NET in Python with NimbusML

Yiwen Zhu

Matteo Interlandi

Shauheen Zahirazami

Microscopium: Interactive Exploration of Large Imaging Datasets

Genevieve Buckley

Model Remodeling with Modern Deep Learning Frameworks

Ethan Rosenthal

Parameter Estimation Using the Python Package pymcmcstat

Paul Miles

Ralph Smith

Raiders of the Pottery GAN: Using 3D Generative Adversarial Networks for Data Augmentation in Archaeological Studies

Celia Cintas

Manuel Lucena

José Manuel Fuertes Garcia

Safe Handling Instructions for Probabilistic Classification

Gordon Chen

Skorch - A Union of Scikit-learn and PyTorch

Thomas Fan

Using a Stacking Model Ensemble Approach to Predict Rare Events

Alice Broadhead

Gene Ferruzza

Vaex: Out of Core Dataframes for Python

Maarten Breddels

Visual Diagnostics at Scale: More Informed Machine Learning with Large Datasets

Rebecca Bilbro

Zarr - Scalable Storage of Tensor Data for Use in Parallel and Distributed Computing

Ryan Abernathey

Stephan Balme

Ambrose Carr

Data Drve Discoveries

Earth, Ocean, Geo and Atmospheric Science

Earth, Ocean, Geo, Atmospheric

Python in Seismology at the National Earthquake Information Center: APIs and Applications

Michael Hearne

Echopype: Enhancing the Interoperability and Scalability of Ocean Sonar Data Processing for Biological Information

Wu-Jung Lee

Valentina Staneva

Efficient Atmospheric Analogue Selection with Xarray and Dask

Tyler Wixstrom

Brian Ancell

How to Track Plastic in the Ocean? The Parcels Lagrangian Ocean Framework

Philippe Delandmeter

Erik van Sebille

PyDDA: A New Pythonic Package for Wind Retrievals

Robert Jackson

Scott Collins

Timothy Lang

Renewable Power Forecast Generation with Dask and Visualization with Bokeh

Antonio T. Lorenzo

Leland J. Boeman

William F. Holmgren

Turning HPC Systems into Interactive Data Analysis Platforms using Jupyter and Dask

Anderson Banihirwe

Joseph Hamman

Kevin Paul

Xgcm: Analyzing General Circulation Models in Python

Ryan Abernathey

Julius Busecke


Composing and Decomposing Quantum Chemistry Software: Transitioning a Field from ASCII Text to Relational Data Documents and Schema

Daniel Smith

Lori Burns

CuPy: A NumPy-Compatible Library for High Performance Computing with GPU

Masayuki Takagi

Freud: A Software Suite for High-Throughput Analysis of Nanoscale Simulation Data

Vyas Ramasubramani

Bradley Dice

Eric Harper

Git “Hooked” On Images In Your Version Control and Up Your Documentation Game

Veronica Hanus

How to Accelerate an Existing Codebase with Numba

Stanley Seibert

Siu Kwan Lam

Multi-Dimensional Linked Data Exploration with Glue

Thomas Robitaille

Optuna: A Define-by-Run Hyperparameter Optimization Framework

Takuya Akiba

Shotaro Sano

Toshihiko Yanase

Refactoring the SciPy Ecosystem for Heterogeneous Computing

Matthew Rocklin

Scikit-TDA: Topological Tools for the Python Ecosystem

Nathaniel Saul

Christopher Tralie

Hendrik Jacob van Veen

Test Research Code the Easy Way: By Generating Random Inputs with Hypothesis

Zac Hatfield-Dodds

To Comment or Not to Comment? A Data-Drive Look at Conflicting Attitudes Towards Commenting

Veronica Hanus

Patricia Hanus


Image Processing

Image Processing

Real-World Numba: Creating a Skeleton Analysis Librar

Juan Nunez-Iglesias

imglyb - Bridging The Chasm Between ImageJ and NumPy

Philipp Hanslovsky

Optimizing Python-Based Spectroscopic Data Processing on NERSC Supercomputers

Laurie Stephey

Rollin Thomas

Stephen Bailey

Processing Extremely Large Images: Theory and Practice

Matthew McCormick

Deepak Chittajallu

Christian Mühlfeld

Starfish: Standardizing Pipelines for Image-Based Transcriptomics

Shannon Axelrod

dask-image:A Library for Distributed Image Processing

John Kirkham

Neuroscience & Cogitive Science

Neuroscience and Cognitive Science

Building and Replicating Models of Visual Search Behavior with Tensorflow, Nengo, and the Scientific Python Stack

David Nicholson

Astrid Prinz

Fully Automated Behavioral Experiments on Cultural Transmission through Crowdsourcing

Jordan W. Suchow

Thomas J.H. Morgan

Vishal H. Lall

Open Source Communities

Open Source Communities

Work Open, Lead Open (#WOLO) for Sustainability

Abigail Cabunoc Mayes

Astropy Beyond Astronomy: Infrastructure of an Open Source Ecosystem

Brigitta Sipőcz

Thomas Robitaille

Erik Tollerud

Building a Sustainable Open Source, Open Science Community with Frictionless Data

Lilly Winfree

Experiences Building Local Communities of Open Source Practices Users through The Carpentries’ Membership Program

Elizabeth Williams

Kari Jordan

Getting Lost in Community Building

Matthew Turk

Inclusive Leadership: Engaging Contributors in the Long-Term

Tania Allard

Inequality of Underrepresented Groups in Core Project Leadership

Anthony Scopatz

Inside NumPy: Preparing for the Next Decade

Ralf Gommers

Matti Picus

Tyler Reddy

Invisible Work, Incentives, and Burnout in Open Communities: A Qualitative and Quantitative Study

Dorothy Howard

Stuart Geiger

Lilly Irani

Supporting Open-Source Software for Science

Jeremy Freeman

Nicholas Sofroniew

Science Communication through Visualization

Science Communication through Visualisation

Dashboarding with Jupyter Notebooks, Voila and Widgets

Maarten Breddels

Martin Renou

Panel: Turn any Notebook into a Deployable Dashboard

Philipp Rudiger

James Bednar

To a Billion and Beyond: How to Visually Explore, Compare and Share Large Quantitative Datasets.

Peter Kerpedjiev

Fritz Lekschas

Nezar Abdennur

Visualization of Bioinformatics Data with Dash Bio

Shammamah Hossain



CAF Implementation on FGPA Using Python Tools

Chiranth Siddappa

Mark Wickert

Preventing Disaster: Identifying Nuclear Weapons with Neural Networks

Mark Kamuda

Kathryn Huff

Solving Polynomial Systems with phcpy

Jasmine Otto

Angus Forbes

Jan Verschelde

itk-jupyter-widgets: Interactive 3D and 2D Visualization for Jupyte

Matthew McCormick

Sebastien Jourdain

Ken Martin

A Python-Based Framework for Composite Material Property Characterization

David Najera

Doug Melville

Eric Jayson

A Pythonic Equivalent Circuit Model for Battery Research

Gavin Wiggins

Srikanth Allu

Hsin Wang

A Real-Time 3D Audio Simulator for Cognitive Hearing Science

Mark Wickert

A Reference Implementation of Domain Context Systems in yt

Samantha Walkow

Matthew Turk

Nathan Goldbaum

Address Validation Techniques with GIS Data

Jacob Dice

Blake Marsh

Rajdeep Sengupta

Case Study: Real-World Machine Learning Application for Hardware Failure Detection

Hongsup Shin

Class-based ODE Solvers and Event Detection in SciPy

David Hagen

Nikolay Mayorov

Codebraid: Live Code in Pandoc Markdown

Geoffrey Poore

Conversational Analytics and Visualisation with Modern Data Science Packages

Laurent Prévot

Nathan Vignal

Simone Fuscone

Cortix: A Python Package for Coupled System Dynamic Simulations

Taha Azzaoui

Seamus Gallagher

Valmor de Almeida

Daal4py—Creating a Data Scientist-first Framework with a Hardware-centric Native Library

Oleksandr Pavlyk

Frank Schlimbach

Data Acquisition and Distribution for Offline Systems (DADOS)

Seamus Gallagher

Taha Azzaoui

Valmor de Almeida

Deep Learning for Game Matchmaking Optimization

Catherine Gitau

Gerald Muriuki

Development of a Dynamic Irrigation Water-Use Model within a Hydrologic Decision-Support System in the Mississippi Alluvial Plain, 1999-2017

Jordan Wilson

Wade Kress

EarthSim: Flexible Environmental Simulation Workflows – One Year Later

Kevin Winters

Dharhas Pothina

Scott Christensen

GCNeuro: A Graph Convolutional Network Pipeline for Preprocessing and Analyzing Multimodal Neuroimage Data

Christian McDaniel

Shannon Quinn

Harnessing Graph Theory and Machine Learning for Reducing High-Fidelity Discrete Fracture Network Models

Saumik Dana

Satish Karra

Shriram Srinivasan

How to Teach Python to Math Teachers

Melissa Weber Mendonça

Improving Network Connectivity in Rural Texas Counties by Using Pandas and GeoPandas with TIGER Edge and Node Data

Mehmet Kunt

Jennifer Zuehlke

Randy Machemehl

Monitoring the Processing and Delivery of Cloud and Aerosol Products for the Atmosphere SIPS

Jennifer Witt

Liam Gumley

Jessica Braun

Multi Agent Cognitive Architecture for Secure Computation in Internet of Thing

Gajendra Deshpande

Shrirang Kulkarni

National Advancement of Data Science Education

Anthony Suen

Alan Liang

New Possibilities in Earth System Sciences Thanks to Python

Stephan Siemen

Iain Russell

OOF: Open-Source Finite Element Analysis for Materials

Andrew Reid

PMDA - Parallel Molecular Dynamics Analysis

Shujie Fan

Max Linke

Ioannis Paraskevakos

Parkinson's Classification and Feature Extraction from Diffusion Tensor Images

Rajeswari Sivakumar

Shannon Quinn

Prepare Your Meal: An Application of Artificial Intelligence in Diabetes Management through Meal Planning

Gajendra Deshpande

Shrirang Kulkarni

PyMeasRF: Automating RF Device Measurements Using Python

Jackson Anderson

Dana Weinstein

Python Workflow for High-Fidelity Modeling of Overland Hydrocarbon Flows with GeoClaw and Cloud Computing

Pi-Yueh Chuang

Tracy Thorleifson

Lorena Barba

Robospect: Automating Astronomical Spectral Analysis

Christopher Waters

Julie Hollek

SMART: An Open Source Data Labeling Platform for Supervised Learning

Robert Chew

Michael Wenger

Caroline Kery

Smart Shopping Based on Partitioning and Machine Learning Algorithms

Nadia Tahiri

Sunglint-Polyspectra: The Generation of Simulated Random Data for Numerical Experiments

Geoffrey Cureton

The Data Weaver, A Package Manager for Integrated Datasets

Henry Senyondo

Andrew Zhang

Ethan White

The pymolsnips Library for Advanced Visualization of Protein Structures

Blaine Mooers

Understanding Oceanographic Discrete Sampling Geometry Data with STOQS

Michael McCann

Kathleen Pitz

Use of Neural Networks to Predict Coffee Rust

Laura Kahn

Using Python to Model Biomass Pyrolysis Reactors

Gavin Wiggins

Using SciPy to Plot and Analyze Comprehensive Time Series Climate Data

Min Khant Zaw

Using Scientific Python to Win the Army RCO Signal Classification Challenge

Andres Vila Casado

Kyle Logue

VPython: 3D Visualization of Physical Models Made Easy

Matthew Craig

Visualizing the Trends in Health Indicators in the Communities of City of Chicago with Pandas and Geopandas.

Kezban Sila Kunt

Water Harvesting Using Solar Energy

Evan Gildernew

Eathan Lee

Emily Chase


Edward Raff

Joe Aurelio

Charles Nicholas

pyUSID and Pycroscopy – Community Driven Efforts for Scalable Storage and Analysis of Imaging and Spectroscopic Data

Suhas Somnath

Chris R. Smith

Numan Laanait

pyhf: A pure Python Statistical Fitting Library from the High Energy Physics Community with Tensors and Autograd

Matthew Feickert

Lukas Heinrich

Giordon Stark

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