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Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions

SciPy has plenty of opportunities to get together and discuss primary, tangential, or even unrelated topics in an interactive, discussion setting.

2019 BoF Chairs:


  • Matthias Bussonnier

  • Lindsey Heagy

2019 BoF Dates:​

March 18, 2019: 

BoF call for submissions opens

May 31, 2019: 

BoF submissions due (to appear in printed program)

Jul 10-12, 2019: 

SciPy 2019 General Conference

Suggest a BoF Session​




In an effort to increase the opportunities for community building, SciPy emphasizes birds of a feather (BoFs) sessions. These sessions usually include short presentations by a panel and a moderator with the bulk of the time spent opening up the discussion to everyone in attendance. BoF topics can be of general interest, such as state-of-the-project BoFs, or based on the themes of the conference and the mini-symposia topics.

Some examples from the past BoFs include Reproducibility, Jupyter Notebooks, Distributed Computing, Geospatial Packages in Python, Teaching Scientific Computing with Python, Python and Finance, NumFOCUS, Python in Astronomy, Collaborating and Contributing in Open Science, and a Matplotlib Enhancement Proposal Discussion.

We would like to solicit the community for ideas and organizers for BoF topics. Please include a small description of the BoF, possible panelists, and whether you would be willing to moderate.

Please submit your topic before May 31, 2019 to appear in the printed program.  We are looking forward to your submission!

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