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Lorena Barba
Tracy Thorleifson
Pi-Yueh Chuang

Python Workflow for High-Fidelity Modeling of Overland Hydrocarbon Flows with GeoClaw and Cloud Computing

We expanded GeoClaw, a shallow-water solver, for computing overland hydrocarbon flows, and developed a Python workflow for risk analysis of pipeline ruptures on Microsoft Azure cloud resources. The added functionality on GeoClaw includes rupture-point inflows, evaporation, Darcy-Weisbach friction, and in-land hydrologic features. The Python workflow automates running and controlling simulations on Azure clusters. The goal is performing analysis on hundreds or thousands of potential rupture points along a pipeline. We also developed a Python toolbox that integrates GeoClaw and the Azure workflow with ArcGIS Pro, and an equivalent Jupyter-based workflow, while Jupyter notebooks also serve as automatic reports.
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