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Numan Laanait
Chris R. Smith
Suhas Somnath

pyUSID and Pycroscopy – Community Driven Efforts for Scalable Storage and Analysis of Imaging and Spectroscopic Data

Here we present the Universal Spectroscopic and Imaging Data (USID) model that is capable of representing observational data of any size, dimensionality, and instrument of origin. pyUSID is an open source python package that provides tools to read, write, visualize, and process USID data in hierarchical data format (HDF5) files. Pycroscopy is a scientific python package based on pyUSID for analyzing and processing nanoscale imaging modalities. The general nature of USID facilitates the development of generalized algorithms in pycroscopy which in turn allows pycroscopy to serve as a community hub for algorithms that transcends boundaries of scientific disciplines. Suhas Somnath, Chris R. Smith, Numan Laanait, Rama K. Vasudevan, Anton Ievlev and Stephen Jesse
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