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Multi-dimensional Linked Data Exploration with Glue

Thomas Robitaille, Aperio Software
We have developed an open-source multi-disciplinary Python package named glue ( that allows users to explore relationships within and across related datasets, making it easy for them to create multi-dimensional linked visualizations of datasets, select subsets of data interactively or programmatically in 1, 2, or 3 dimensions, and to see those selections propagate live across all open visualizations of the data (e.g., graphs, maps, diagnostics charts, etc.). In this tutorial, participants will learn how to use and customize the desktop and Jupyter version of glue, using example data as well as their own data.


No Python knowledge is needed to learn about the glue Qt GUI. However, since the tutorial will also touch on customizing glue and using glue in Jupyter notebook/lab, it would be preferable if participants are familiar with at least basic Python functions and Numpy.

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