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Meghan Hegarty-Craver
Kristin Gilchrist
Edward Preble

Challenges in Detecting Physiological Changes Using Wearable Sensor Data

Numerous challenges exist when trying to detect changes in a person’s health status using data from wearable sensors. A core issue is that wearable sensor data varies tremendously between individuals and over time due to a person’s daily activities. “Reasonably comparable” time periods must be identified based on activity levels and other variables, which can then be analyzed to determine if a change in health status has occurred. SciPy, NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib were used to process the massive number of variable combinations in our data and to output visualizations that highlight useful patterns in the data. Edward Preble, Kristin Gilchrist, Meghan Hegarty-Craver, Gregory Lewis, Maria Davila-Hernandez, Carole Robinette and Michelle Hernandez
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