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Pamphile Roy

Software Engineer

Pamphile Roy is a software Engineer working at Quansight. He is from Tahiti, French Polynesia and is currently living in Austria.

He has been working in a wide range of scientific fields with both academic and industrial partners such as Airbus, Safran, Stanford, the French electricity and the EU's Join Research Commission.

Recently he has been doing machine learning for the game Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, built grammar error correction models and implemented backend services at iTranslate.

He thrives to share and participate in the open-source space. As such, he is a maintainer of SciPy, contributes to a few other Python packages, member of the Scientific Python Ecosystem, and is a referee for the Small Development Grants Committee of NumFOCUS.

He has a Ph.D. in Uncertainty Quantification applied to Computational Fluid Dynamics from the CERFACS/INPT and two Master's in Aerospace Engineering.

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