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Jennifer Glick

Quantum Applications Research & Software
IBM Quantum

Jennifer Glick is a quantum applications researcher and technical lead of quantum prototypes at IBM Quantum where she researches, develops, and implements quantum algorithms and software that can address industry-relevant problems challenging to solve with today’s classical techniques. Jen is a contributor to the first demonstrations of Qiskit Runtime, a platform that enables execution of more complex quantum workloads. She is regularly involved in teaching quantum computing at community and industry events, including programming sessions at IBM THINK conferences, the Qiskit Global Summer School on Quantum Machine learning, and a tutorial on Qiskit Runtime at IEEE Quantum Week 2021. In 2020, she was selected for MIT Technology Review’s global 35 under 35 Innovators for her work on developing applications of quantum computing. Jen received her Ph.D. in physics from Michigan State University in 2017 and her B.S. in engineering physics from Colorado School of Mines in 2011.

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