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Adam Symington

Lead Data Scientist

Dr. Adam Symington is a geospatial data scientist, leading the data science team at Geollect Ltd in the United Kingdom. Over the last two years he has developed exceptional geospatial data science skills and worked on projects with a variety of data sources across multiple sectors. Adam regularly publishes geospatial data science tutorials on towards data science and runs the PythonMaps project, a project designed to spread the love of geospatial data through eye-catching visualisation. Prior to his career in data science Adam was a computational materials scientist at the University of Bath in England where he used machine learning and other statistical techniques to predict the properties of materials. Adam has published 17 peer reviewed research papers, including 3 open-source software papers. During Adams time in academia, he taught Python programming to undergraduates and postgraduate students and wrote his own Python programming course which he delivered to show students how to apply Python to their data analysis.

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