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Jeongkyu Shin

CEO / Researcher
Lablup Inc.

Jeongkyu is the founder and CEO in Lablup Inc. He is known as the lead developer of Textcube Project, popular open-source web publishing platform in South Korea, which is open-source codebase of and part of As one of the Korea’s foremost experts on open-source projects, he has participated in many successful ventures for the past 19 years.

Jeongkyu Received Ph.D in Statistical physics from POSTECH with topics of complex system, agent-based model and neuroscience studies. He leads ML-based / open source projects with several companies and laboratories, especially text classification, entropy-related information compression (for security) and context retrieval. Now he is developing Backend.AI, open-source distributed machine learning management platform for deep learning frameworks and scientific computation since 2015.

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